Is It a Good Time to Hold Real Estate or Should I Sell?


This is something that depends on your own circumstances. Remember that we are not now in the sort of market where you will naturally see a price rise after holding for a while. This is a flat market where the prices generally stay static. They might rise a bit and then fall a bit, but generally they’ll bump along for a few years now until the next boom starts. So whether you sell or hold is your own decision, based on your finances and your investment portfolio.

You might find that you need that extra bit of cash, so you’d be better off selling. Then again, if you bought them at the top of the boom you may have paid too much for them and if you sell now you’ll make a loss. Remember, if you decide to hold, it will be for a few years because the boom won’t come back in six months time, so ask yourself if you can afford to hold for at least five years.

If you can’t afford to hold for that long, it might be best to sell off now before the property starts to cost you even more. Another question to ask yourself is: “Will the property increase in value over the next five years?” If it won’t, there’s no point in keeping it.

When considering this question, look at the surrounding neighborhood. If it has good access roads and infrastructure, good schools and shops, parks and gardens and the people are renovating their own homes, then the likelihood of values increasing there is good.

On the other hand, the place may only be booming because some factory there that is expanding. In five years time if that factory has stopped expanding and is maybe even closing down, then what is going to happen to all those houses? The area will become something like a ghost town, with values at rock bottom. It doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research into the history of the area to see what has caused the place to expand and increase in value.

For the person who has several investment properties, it’s a good idea to sell four out of five and keep the quality one that will be worth heaps more when the prices stat to rise again. You make money both ways in real estate. You buy to flip and you buy to add value and hold a while. Real long-term wealth comes from buying quality property and holding it, but by playing both sides of the game you make extra money.

You can get a greater cash flow and use it to reduce your risk through debt exposure if you sell four out of five properties. Always try and keep a loan to value ratio of about 70% to 80% of the values. So if your house is worth $400,000, then your loan should be in the vicinity of $320,000. That way, if you are forced to sell at say, $340,000 or even $330,000, you have enough to cover your loan with a bit left over.

Just remember that winning in the real estate game is not about buying the most properties in the shortest time, now even about making a killer profit on every deal. It’s about creating a core strategy that will work in today’s market and every market, whether it’s a flat or a boom time. You’ve got to stick to that core strategy through thick and thin and only do those things that will maximize profits and minimize risks. That’s the way to become successful in real estate.

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