Getting Motivated Seller Leads


If you want to close more deals, you MUST generate more motivated seller leads. It’s that simple. If you are not closing the number of deals you want to do per month, it’s because you are not generating enough leads.

Figure that you need 20-25 leads for every deal. Let’s assume that you want to close 2 deals a month, then you need to be generating 40-50 leads a month.

How do you generate more leads? Here are some lead generating techniques.

Implement marketing that will drive motivated sellers to call you. Be consistent and tenacious in your marketing. You’ll get the best results from a mix of marketing mediums, but be sure that you advertise a brand name so prospects will mentally link all your ads together. Be sure to include the call-to-action – in other words, what you want them to do: call this number; visit this website.

  • Direct mail will yield the best results. You can use letters or post cards. Mail to targeted lists such as: pre-foreclosure; divorce; evictions; vacant houses; probates. You can get many of these lists from a list broker like List Source; Flip This Real Estate List; or US Lead List.
  • Bandit Signs are cheesy and a pain to put up and take down, but they yield results. You can purchase them online at Super Cheap Signs for less cost than I have ever seen a local sign company charge.
  • Bus benches and bus shelters – you can purchase this advertising inside your target area relatively inexpensively and it will keep your message in front of home owners who drive by.
  • Local school sports offer inexpensive advertising for their fund raising. You can purchase signs inside the stadiums where games are played and in the programs passed out at games.
  • Flyers and Door Hangars – pass them out door-to-door within your targeted area
  • Billboards can be a little pricey, but usually highly negotiable. They don’t necessarily make the phone ring by themselves, but they really increase the response rates of your other marketing.
  • Community Newspaper Ads – take out display ads in the small local papers that have all of the coupons in them. Don’t waste your money on the large city newspapers.
  • Church Bulletins – many churches offer advertising in their weekly bulletins that are passed out at services.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – Google and Facebook have great advertising programs where you can drive your prospects right to your website. This is a more advanced technique; and I recommend hiring an expert to manage your ads.
  • Driving for Dollars – I have one client that has picked up numerous properties by driving around his target area and looking for signs of distressed houses and then mailing a series of post cards to that address. It is time consuming, but also rather inexpensive.

This should help you get going and generating more seller leads. All it takes is one deal to provide you with a significant amount of money to expand your marketing and grow.

Keep in mind that marketing is not a one-and-done task. Don’t assume that you can do one thing one time and you’ll get a deal. You must repeat over and over to really start generating leads and when the leads start coming in – the deals will follow.

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