Turnkey Real Estate Investing – Offering Capital and Revenue Gains Simultaneously

Turnkey real estate investing is a candid investment idea that offers capital and revenue gains to the investors.The turnkey properties are the assets that are purchased with investment purpose. As a matter of fact, turnkey properties are the ones that produces high return along with being safe and secured.


With the passage of time, real estate investments are gaining popularity among the investors worldwide. It is because investment in real estate has less volatility as compared to other forms of investment with relatively higher chances of appreciation. Thus, investors feel that their investment would be safe and while disposing the property, they would gain substantial profits as compared to the investment they put in acquiring the asset.

What is a Turnkey Property?

Turnkey properties are the assets procured with complete investment planning. The perspectives of the turnkey real estate investing is completely different to the cases wherein the buyers are buying the property for their personal usage.

These properties are either rented out to the tenants or the owner sells off the assets once the valuation of the property goes over the investment he made to procure the property. The buyers (investors) usually rent out the property for the time he or she would hold and then the asset gets disposed off.

The turnkey property is rented out to a qualified tenant. These tenants are properly screened by using our tenant screening process. Therefore, we offer maintenance free guarantee and a rental protection plan, which guarantees rent for at least 1 year.

Features of the Turnkey Properties

  • The property is taken through series of alterations and renovations, so that it demands the least of maintenance expenses. This means that your tenants would be happy and would continue with the tenancy agreement for longer stretches. Aside, your expenses for the maintenance being lesser, you would save major part of the cash that inflow per month.
  • The real estate developers usually commit occupancy of tenants for at least a stretch of one year. Thus, the investor going for turnkey real estate investing gets a chance to earn perpetual revenues for this span, before he/she disposes off the assets.
  • The investors are offered with comprehensive services on property management that relieves them from the worries of supervising the property and handling its timely repair & maintenance.
  • The investors are served with Hotline numbers that keeps functioning 24×7 to support the needs of the property owner.

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