Smart Strategies For Real Estate Investment


If you’re deterred by the roller coaster rides of the stock market, then real estate is the best place to invest your hard earned money.

But real estate business is not an easy one. It calls upon concrete strategies to understand your goals and turn your business into a profitable venture. If you’re an aspiring real estate entrepreneur, then have a look at the five strategies given below that will help you in having a successful real estate investment.

Buy and Hold Strategy

Under this strategy, you buy a property and lend it on rent. Hence, this strategy is usually known as rental properties. Buy and hold strategy of real estate investment opens three courses of income for you:

Amortization: you lower the amount of debt while paying your mortgage.

Appreciation:  You increase the value of your property over the years, and

Tax incentive: As a landlord you’ll get a chance to cover up your investment costs within a few years. Even if the rent doesn’t break even your entire mortgage payment, it’s not disheartening, as you still have a positive cash inflow.

But before getting into a contract with your tenant, you should make yourself aware of your rights and duties to keep away from trouble later.

Flipping Strategy

Flipping involves buying and selling real estate property without taking its ownership. You sign a contract with the buyer of your property and earn a commission for your services. There are no credit checks or down payments involved in flipping. And the bright side is that you don’t need to go for a mortgage, as you’re not the actual owner of the property that you are selling.

However, there are two conditions for successful flipping of a real estate property:  The property should be able to attract buyers within no time and you shouldn’t keep hold of the property for a long time, like not more than 15-20 days. Under this strategy, you only buy the real estate property, flip it to a buyer, and collect your money as commission.

The Strategy of Rehabs

Here, you buy a ramshackle property at a cheap rate with the expectation that your rehabilitation cost estimates will be highly rewarding at the end. This strategy looks good only on paper. The truth is that such kind of real estate investment involves a high amount of risk and usually end up in loss. This happens because you either fail to find a worn out property that is cheap enough to give you a profit, or worse. The rehabilitation costs end up being higher than the cost of purchase.

Commercial Real Estate Investment Strategy

Commercial real estate doesn’t always mean magnificent shopping malls or office complexes. Any building larger than a 4-unit apartment is regarded as a commercial one. The big advantage of commercial real estate investment is that your property value is calculated in terms of the income it makes through rent and not in terms of bidding on residential real estate.

New Construction Strategy

This strategy involves selling your new home throughout its construction phase. Most of the investors find this strategy to be the most affordable and the easiest one. The important thing here is to stay updated with the market trends. However, there’s a limit required by the construction companies on the number of homes you can buy.

A smart way to make an best possible use of this strategy is to have one or two homes under construction continuously. But this strategy takes profit only in a sellers’ market. If you find the local real estate market to be highly fluctuating or to be on the buyers’ side, then it’s better to keep away from this strategy.

The above five strategies will help you to reap rich harvests in real estate investment provided that you select the most suitable one. The choice is yours.

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