There’s a condition that holds a lot of people back from progressing towards their goals. I’ve been guilty of suffering from this condition on some occasions, and perhaps you have too.

It’s been called ‘analysis paralysis’, and is a form of perfectionism. Here’s how it looks: you have an idea. It could be a project that would produce extra income if you pulled it off. It makes sense. It sounds possible. Heck, it even sounds easy and simple.


But days pass, weeks pass, months pass and you still haven’t taken the first step towards building that project a reality. Rather, you’re still thinking about how you’re going to work out every problem before you get started. You’re analyzing the idea to death, literally.

You want it to be perfect before you launch.

As a result, you never launch. All you have is an idea. Possibly a very good one at that.

While you’re dilly-dallying, someone else comes along with the same idea, launches the project with faults here and there and starts making a lot of money with it (as a result of the benefit it’s bringing to lots of people). You then feel like kicking yourself, thinking ‘if only I’d acted when I had the idea, I would be the one enjoying all this success…’



If this has ever happened to you, you may be interested to know how come someone else got the same idea and ran with it. You see, thoughts and ideas are all around us. They are living vibrant things, each seeking a vessel of expression. When a thought finds its way into your consciousness, you have the power and right to settle on what to do with it. This has many consequences and implications, but for the perspective of this article we’ll stick to one.

If the idea in question is, for example, an idea for a book that you could write, and you sit on the idea, analyzing it from every possible angle, that thought is not going to stay waiting for you to wake up and put it into expression. It will, having left its seed in your consciousness, leave and seek a more willing and proactive vessel. It continues travelling through the ‘ether’ in this way until it lands in the consciousness of somebody who starts writing that book the day the idea came in his mind.



Of course it’s not perfect when you get started, but get started all the same. In doing so, you send out a message to God that you believe this project will end the way it was intended when the idea was planted in your mind. This act of faith gets rewarded, as long as you persist in acting on the idea.

What idea(s) are you sitting on? Are you worried about what others may think of your idea? Are you worried that you might look clumsy or ridiculous? Are you scared that you might fail?

What others think is not a valid reason not to take action now. Your looking clumsy or silly is not a valid reason not to take action now. Fear of failure is not a valid reason not to take action. Truth be told, you’ve got no valid reason not to act on your idea right now.

Can you imagine if a baby, once he got the idea that he ought to start walking, got so bothered by the reality that he hadn’t perfected the skill yet that he refused to take the first step?

That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

Yet that’s what many of us do sometimes.

My challenge to you today is what Nike exhorts you to do: ‘Just do it!’ Take one little baby step towards it. Focus on that one step for now. You can think about the next baby step once it’s time to take it.

The way I see it is this: if you’re going to ‘fail’ at the project, get that part of the procedure over and done with in a hurry, so that you can get onto the next part.

Be like the baby learning to walk. Know that no matter what project you carry out, you’ll make mistakes along the way. Each mistake is a learning process, not a failure to discourage you. Expect and embrace these experiences when they happen. Learn from them and move on.

Don’t let that idea be taken from you and given to someone else who’s proactive with their life.

Be bold. Take action today.

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