Memphis’ Good Neighborhood Equals Great Real Estate Investment Opportunity

People all over are constantly moving. As families are getting bigger, some members will eventually decide on looking for new homes especially those are starting new families of their own. One of the major considerations when looking for a place to move in is the neighborhood. Of course, everyone wants to live in a place where we feel we are safe.

Blight has been making neighborhood s all over the America (and maybe all over the world, actually) unattractive. Aside from posing as eyesore in the community, abandoned properties often house crimes and other illegal activities. Some uninhibited houses are being made as dumping sites. It is truly discouraging to be settling in a city where decaying buildings and houses are just being left unattended by the local government.
It is good to know though, that in cities like Memphis, efforts are being made to remove blighted properties with their local government’s thrust to give safety to the public. In fact, the city has declared that they have zero tolerance for blight. The city has been filing lawsuits against owners who have abandoned their properties which resulted to rehabilitation or demolitions of dilapidated structures. Moreover, critical sites in the city have been installed with surveillance cameras to discourage people from dumping their garbage in vacant houses. Many other programs have been launched by the local government of Memphis such as the Neighborhood Preservation Clinic and City Beautiful which are all geared to creating a good living environment for the people.

With these, I would say that it is no wonder why Memphis would be one of the top choices for people who are looking for a place to settle in. Aside from the many attractions the city has to offer and lower cost of living, safety is an assurance among its residents. With this, Memphis offers a great opportunity to those who are also looking for an investment property.


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