Flipping Houses ” More Than Just a Hobby”

Flipping-housesThe popularity of flipping houses has grown ten-fold in recent years, especially amongst do-it-yourselfers. It is much more publicized now, with regular TV shows and magazines specifically dedicated to it. Some people do this as a weekend hobby, but others actually make a full-time living at it. Whichever way they do it initially, they eventually discover it is more than just a hobby.

If you are contemplating going into flipping houses, you ought to consider it a full-time venture right from the beginning. This is because it will involve a lot of your time, in addition to money. One handy tip; if you want to begin flipping houses but don’t have the money to invest right away, consider using other people’s money. You can find information on that on the Internet. Continuing with our main thought, it WILL be more than just a hobby from the outset if you want to do this properly. You will have to learn what you are doing, search for homes, then spend the time needed to fix it up to the point where you can flip it and make a tidy profit.

In order to prepare for your new venture we strongly recommend taking however much time you need to study all of the different aspects of this. If you do not fully understand everything there is to know about flipping houses, then you will fail. This learning process is also not really a hobby; not if you want to do it right. Upon completing your initial studying, more studying will be required when you find your first home to invest in. You will need to do extensive research on this property to ensure you know its full value. Likewise, you ought to understand the monetary costs of whatever improvements you will need to make. Finally you will need to know about how to recognize its projected market value after all improvements have been made. Like we said, this will require a lot of time on your part.

Even once you have finished renovating your first (as well as subsequent) home, managing your investment will also be more than a hobby. Initially you will need to decide if you want to re-sell it or keep it and rent it out. Additionally you will have to determine if you want to work with a realtor or do everything yourself. If you plan to flip houses while continuing your steady job, you should hire a realtor or a property manager. Otherwise you will find yourself bogged down with a steady stream of daily tasks that are quite time-consuming. Plus consider this; if you use a professional realtor or property manager, you will have more time to find new properties to invest in on a regular basis. Then you can feel secure knowing that someone else is handling the business end for you. Whichever way you do it, do realize that flipping houses is more than just a hobby.


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